MCIMX35LPDK- full scale development tool for i.MX35

The i.MX35 Product Development Kit (PDK)provides a robust hardware and software platform for Linux® environments, based on the exceptional capabilities of the Freescale i.MX35 applications processor. The PDK offers optimized middleware and codecs that enable your critical resources to focus on what makes your product unique in the market, because Freescale has completed the fundamental elements for your design.



MCIMX35LPDK feature set

CPU board

  • i.MX35 ARM11TM MCU
  • MC13892 power management IC
  • Reset control from PMIC
  • 2 GB of MLC NAND Flash Memory
  • 64MB of NOR Flash Memory
  • 256MB of 32 bit DDR2 memory

Personality board

  • 17,99 cm (7”) LCD display panel with touch panel and LED backlight
  • Image sensor camera connector
  • Microphone jack, headphone and video jacks, stereo and mono (ear piece) speaker terminals
  • TV IN decoder which supports Y.Pr .Pb input
  • SD card connectors, with card sense functionality. Also support MMC and MS card.
  • Generic UI connector
  • One USB OTG high-speed transceiver with MICRO USB connector
  • One USB fast-speed host transceiver, with standard USB host connector
  • ATA5 controller with one 44-position dual row, 2mm header for small form-factor disk drivers
  • One DB9 connector for CAN bus and one 10pin connector for CAN bus.
  • One 2mm connector for MLB signal

Debug board

  • RS-232 interface
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connector
  • current measure connectors

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